Microgaming Bonus Blackjack

Microgaming powered casinos like Betway Casino offer a game entitled "Bonus Blackjack" which is available as a standalone game as well as part of the Gold series. Bonus Blackjack Gold Series, like other games in the series offers a more elegant table display as well as a larger playing area.

The rules in the stand alone Bonus Blackjack game and those of the Gold Series Bonus Blackjack are identical although the Gold variation has a minimum bet of 5 credits whereas the standard game has a minimum of 1 credit. Both enjoy the same maximum wager of 1000 credits per hand and are also available in multi-hand games where you can play up to five hands against the dealer simultaneously.

Game play in both Bonus Blackjack variants is the same as all other blackjack variations in the Microgaming offering. The most significant rule in Microgaming Bonus Blackjack is that it incorporates the American hole card format wherein the hole card is dealt to the croupier and if his/her face up card is an ace or ten then he/she will check for blackjack. This aspect of gameplay gives the player a slight advantage. This blackjack variant is played with two decks of playing cards as opposed to the standard six or eight decks which gives the player an advantage because returns are higher as the number of decks used in a game decreases. These two advantages make Bonus Blackjack a very attractive game for players.

Microgaming Bonus Blackjack Gold

Bonus Blackjack Gold

In Bonus Blackjack the following additional rules apply:

  • The dealer hits on soft 17
  • Players can split three times to make four hands
  • Unlike ten value cards are allowed to be split
  • Aces may be spilt once and only a single card can be dealt to these
  • Players can double down on any two cards as well as after a split
  • A ten value card and a split ace count as 21 and not blackjack

In this game the bonus bet is optional but should you decide to make use of it you will have to do so at the beginning of each hand with your initial ante bet. Payouts on the bonus bet are determined by the initial two cards dealt to the player and are not influenced by whether the player wins or loses the main hand. In this game the bonus bet pays out 50:1 for a combination of an Ace and Jack of Spades with suited Jacks and Aces paying out 25:1 and a combination of highest ranking suited cards paying out 5:2.

One of the most exhilirating features of this game is the Auto Play with Strategy Card feature which is only available in Expert mode. This addition to the game allows you to select from autoplay options that allow for 5 to 500 auto deals while also enabling you to construct the conditions under which the auto play feature should terminate. Once activated the auto play function will employ plays dictated by a blackjack strategy card. This means that it will execute near perfect game play without your assistance.

This is definitely a blackjack game not to be missed and it can be found at your favourite Microgaming powered online casinos.