Playtech Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack games are available at casinos powered by a number of online casino software providers. If this is the variant you choose to play, then we highly recommend playing Playtech's version which is available at EuroGrand Casino as this game is considerably more exciting than any of the other versions we've seen.

The name Double Attack Blackjack is derived from the rule in this variant wherein you are offered the opportunity to double your wager once you've seen the dealer's upcard. At Playtech powered online casinos, the game is played with 48 card Spanish decks. If you've not familiar with a Spanish deck, these have all ten cards removed from them.

In a game of Double Attack, once you've placed your bet the dealer's upcard is dealt before the player cards are dealt. Based on the dealer's upcard you will then be given the option to place an additional Double Attack bet which increases the value of your original bet. Once you've decided whether or not to do so, you cards will be dealt face up and the dealer's second card will be dealt face down and the game proceeds according standard blackjack game play.

Basic Rules of the game are as follows:

The detailed rules of Playtech Double Attack Blackjack are accessible from the Help tab within the game's menu. It is played according to Las Vegas Strip rules with a few exceptions in addition to the way the game is played (as mentioned above):

  • Cards are returned to the deck after each hand and the deck is shuffles
  • Re-splitting is permitted up to four hands but Aces may not be re-split
  • Only a single card is drawn to split Aces
  • The wager value on split hands will be equal to the initial and Double Attack wagers
  • Players may double after hitting several times as well as after splitting, with the exception of splitting Aces. Any given hand may only be doubled once.
  • Player may double the initial bet or the initial and Double Attack bets simultaneously.
  • Dealer checks for blackjack when the upcard is an Ace or Ten value. Insurance is offered before checking for blackjack.
  • Dealer stands on 17 (including soft 17)
  • Wagers placed on a Double Attack bet against a face card or Ace will only lose the initial bet if the dealer holds Blackjack.
  • Surrender is permitted after hitting, doubling and splitting as well as being dealt an additional card to split an Ace hand, but not after electing to stand.

Due to the above rules, regular payouts are altered in Double attack blackjack as follows:

  • Player wins, including blackjack pay even money
  • Insurance bets pay 5:2

In addition to the standard game, Playtech's Double Attack Blackjack offers the "Bust It" side bet option. As with all side bets in blackjack games this wager is completely optional but you will have to place it upfront in addition to your initial wager in the main game. You cannot play this option without playing a hand in the main game.

The Bust It side bet pays out if the dealer busts with three cards. In order for this bet to be settled, the dealer will draw a third card even if you've busted or are holding blackjack. The Bust It bet can win even if you lose in the main blackjack game and pays out according to the published paytable.