Playtech Multi-hand Blackjack Switch

If you're looking for a Blackjack game with some added benefits, then Playtech's Blackjack Switch game is definitely one to consider next time you visit a Playtech powered online casino like William Hill Casino Club.

This blackjack variant offers you the stability of a classic game but allows you to switch "partner cards" when you want to while allowing you to play on the side too if you so desire. One thing is for sure, even the most avid Blackjack player will find it difficult to return to a standard game after playing Blackjack Switch.

This game does however require a larger bankroll than its classic counterparts as table minimums start at $1 and the maximum bet is a considerable $500, making it the perfect game for high rollers.

When it comes to playing the game, the rules are not completely different from standard Classic Blackjack games, there are however a few simple changes and additions to the standard Playtech rules, but not enough to make the game seem too complex or overwhelming.

Let's take a look at the details of the game now:

  • The Dealer hits on soft 17 (ie. any hand with a total value of 17 containing an Ace)
  • Blackjack pays out at 1:1 instead of the usual 3:2 BUT the "switch" option enables you to achieve blackjack more often which helps to offset this.
  • Dealer peeks for Blackjack on Ace and Ten. If Blackjack is found the Dealer wins unless you hold blackjack too to create a push.
  • The Switch Rule: This allows a form of "legalized blackjack cheating" whereby after you are dealt two hands, you are permitted to swap the top two cards freely without being penalized or required to add another bet.
  • Push 22: If the Dealer's hand totals 22 all hands will be pushed with the exception of Blackjack resulting in a win or a Play Push, resulting in a loss.
  • Super Match: If you're one for Placing side bets in a blackjack game, then this option is for you. In this game you will wager on your four initial cards containing two or more of the same card. Payouts work as follows:
    • A Pair: 1:1
    • Three of a Kind: 5:1
    • 2 Pairs: 8:1
    • Four of a Kind: 40:1

As you can see from the above, the game has some interesting twists but doesn't require you to forget everything you know about Blackjack in order to play it. You may actually end up enjoying these changes and make this game a permanent fixture in your gaming line-up.