Playtech Blackjack Surrender

If you're a serious blackjack player then in addition to playing a decent game variant, you'll probably want to know everything there is to know about that variation's rules and strategy so that you can master it.

When playing Playtech's Blackjack Surrender game, you'll have two powerful incentives for doing just that, namely the fact that it is the blackjack game with the highest payout rate of any of the Playtech blackjack variations, and also because the strategy required in this game is not exceptionally complex when compared to other online blackjack variants.

As the name implies, the primary feature of this games is that the player is given the ability to employ a late surrender option, which means that he/she can surrender any number of cards. While this feature is on offer largely to trap the majority of players who are inclined to surrender too often, there is a way to use it to your advantage and this is to only surrender if you hold a hard 16 against a dealer's nine, ten or ace. Or if you hold a hard 15 against the dealer's 10. It is imperative that you do not surrender a hard 15 against the dealer's Ace or Nine card.

Once you understand these few simple game play guidelines, then you can progress into the more complex parts of the strategy which outline how you should tailor your basic blackjack strategy specifically for this game. Let's take a look at these now bearing in mind that they are discussed in no particular order:

Doubling Hard Hands

  1. Double hard 9's when facing a 3, 4, 5 or 6.
  2. Double hard totals of 10 against a 9 or lower
  3. Double hard totals of 11 against the dealers 10 or lower

Doubling Soft Hands

  1. Double with soft hands against totals of 6 or less
  2. Double when you have 18 or lower

Also remember to hit when you hold a soft 18 against the dealer's 9 or 10 instead of standing.

Paired Hands

Playing paired hands remains quite standard with the following exceptions:

  1. Do not split 8's against a ten or ace and do not surrender, hit instead.
  2. Only split 4's if you're facing 6's or lower
  3. Always split 2's and 3's against any 7 value or lower card.

With these strategies in mind you can play your way to some tidy blackjack profits.