Playtech Multi-hand Blackjack Surrender

At one time or another we've all wished that we had a fast exit option in a game of Blackjack. If you find yourself feeling this way a lot, then Playtech's Multi-hand Blackjack Surrender game may just be a good option for you.

The game is played using 6 decks of 52 standard playing cards (with Jokers excluded) and with the exception of the Surrender option, which enables players to withdraw their initial two cards at the cost of half their wager, the game is played according to Playtech's Vegas Style Blackjack Rules.

If you're playing the Multi-Hand Blackjack Surrender version of the game, the maximum bet is $300 per hand, which amounts to a table limit of a massive $1500 ‐ which makes it ideal for high rollers. As you play you are dealt up to five hands and you are able to choose from several different bets and you can save your bet selections by "re-betting".

Now, as we've advised in previous articles, the Surrender option should rarely be required, but it is a nice feature when used correctly, and can occasionally save you some money.

In the Playtech version of the game there are however some limitations, such as only being able to surrender prior to playing your initial two cards and after the Dealer has checked for blackjack.

Also, as previously mentioned, the ability to Surrender does come at a price and you'll be required to surrender half of your wager every time you decide to use this option. Of course, Playtech Casino's like to look at this from the positive aspect of you haven't lost half of your wager, instead you've saved half of your loss. While this is truly marketing spin, if you've played the game correctly according to proper Blacjack Surrender Strategy and know when to use it, the Surrender feature can save you some money in instances where you usually would've lost.

Let's face it, we've all encountered those times when the Dealer has a face card and we're left with nothing but low value cards that will inevitably hit the hard 17 or bust. If you add this up in a multi-hand game, this can cost you, so it's nice to have an option wherein you can walk away and not lose all the money that you wagered.

Of course, if you'd prefer to play a single hand a time, Playtech also offers a version to accommodate you. So if you're looking to try a Blackjack Surrender Game, head on over to Casino Las Vegas now.