Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Super Fun 21 is a Microgaming powered online blackjack game available at casinos like Luxury Casino. The difference in this game is that several standard blackjack rules have been modified to give the appearance of offering an advantage to players. This advantage has however been compensated for in the payouts with the game offering even money instead of the standard 3:2 payout which results in an average RTP (return to player) of just under 99%.

Due to this fact, it's not a game that should be on your favourites list, but it is one that you can play when you're in the mood for something different and a lot of fun.

Like many standard blackjack games, Super Fun 21 is a hole card game in which the dealer peeks for blackjack when holding Aces or cards with values of 10. The dealer hits on soft 17 and players are permitted to split up to three times in order to make a maximum of four hands. Players are also allowed to double after a split.

Now for the rules that are a little different, giving the player an advantage over the house. Super Fun 21 blackjack is played with a single deck of standard playing cards, which as any player who's done any research into the game knows, is a big plus. This is because as the number of decks increases, so returns decrease, making a single deck game a higher paying variant.

Players may double on any number of cards and late surrender is also an option on any number of cards. The double down rescue option is also available and can really come in handy in instances where you've doubled on a ten value hand against a dealer's Ace but are then dealt a five or six. Another advantage is that player blackjack trumps dealer blackjack, giving you the added edge.

In addition, the rules offer some advantages even without added bets in cases where the double down option is not used:

  • Six or more cards with a value of 20 or less offer an automatic win
  • Five or more cards with a value of 21 pay out at 2:1
  • Player blackjack in the diamond suite pays out at 2:1

There are however some rules in the game that may seem to offer an advantage but in reality have no real effect on the game for the player. These include:

  • Re-splitting Aces up to four hands - in most games this is only permitted once - and while this does offer the player an advantage, the opportunity to split aces multiple times is unlikely to occur in a single deck game.
  • Splitting of unlike ten value cards - this is effectively meaningless if you're playing according to blackjack strategy.