Microgaming Gold Series Vegas Strip Blackjack

Microgaming has included Vegas Strip Blackjack within its Gold Series of blackjack variations available at various Microgaming powered online casinos like Betway Vegas Casino. This specific form of blackjack offers enthusiasts the opportunity to customise their game in such a way that it far exceeds any land based casino blackjack experience that you may ever have.

With life like ambient sounds and atmosphere, state of the art graphics interface and the option to control everything from the pace of the game to the sounds around you, you can tailor your blackjack game from start to finish, making it the only way to play! There is also an "Autoplay" option that will play for you based on basic blackjack strategy, but even when using this function you can select playing options from an a la carte menu to tailor the experience to your desires.

For first time players there is a "Help" section containing everything you need to know to familiarise yourself with this particular blackjack variation.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is played with four, 52 card playing decks which are shuffled by means of a "random" shuffle after each round. As with all other forms of the game, the object is to beat the dealer by obtaining a total of 21 or lower, but that is higher than the dealer's total card value, or by staying under 21 while the dealer exceeds it and busts.

In Vegas Strip Blackjack the following rules apply:

  • Dealer checks his/her hold card when an Ace or Ten value card is displayed.
  • If the dealer is showing an Ace, players are given the option to take insurance totalling half the original bet and where wins result in a 2:1 payout.
  • Splitting is permitted up to three times, including the splitting of two cards with the same numerical value e.g. King and Queen. Aces are the exception to this rule.
  • Split Aces that then have a 10 value card added to them do not count as blackjack but only 21. This also applies to 10 value cards with an Ace added to them after a "hit".
  • Players may double down after splitting an unusual option as this is not available in many blackjack variations.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2

If you're already a fan of Vegas Strip Blackjack then the Gold Series game variation is one not to be missed it is guaranteed to be more entertaining than even the Las Vegas blackjack tables, and that's really saying something!